Phillu, the matchbox shaped mobile storage device

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Inspired by the matchbox, both Burak Kaynak and Emir Rifar Isik were came out an idea on designing a portable and matchbox shaped mobile storage device called as the Phillu.

Phillu is dedicated to Phillumeny, which is the hobby of collecting different match-related items such like matchboxes, matchbox labels, matchbooks, match-covers and so on.

Phillu, the matchbox shaped mobile storage device 01
The ideas behind this device are for easy carry, stylish and unique way to transfer your data information on the go. Phillu is designed with its black color of case and there are nine removable match-shaped sticks and each of the stick could carry 5GB of storage capacity.

Phillu, the matchbox shaped mobile storage device 02
Users can transfer data from the stickers to another Phillu device by striking the heads of the sticks along the striker. This can be performed without the need of a computer as the third party device, so users could always share their data with others users who also has Phillu mobile storage device.

A few simple steps on transferring data by sticks,
1. You friend wants to share the data with you.
2. You can push the case from behind and pick any available stick among the nine sticks.
3. You can put the stick head at the end of the striker at your friend’s Phillu device.
4. Strike the stick quickly along the striker adding pressure for the data transferring.
5. When the stick turned into “burned black match”, means the data has been successfully transferred to the stick.
6. You can plug-in the stick to your own Phillu device to complete the data sharing.

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