Parenting tips

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Parenting tips
~ Parenting tips ~

Here is the some useful information for first-time mothers as well as mothers with a new addition to the family.

Love Is in the Air
Discuss the subject of love with your child. Telling them you love them is a good start, but it is also a good idea to let them hear other members of the family talking about it. This is important as they reach adolescence, when feelings may become complicated.

Letting Go Gradually
Do not set your family rules in stone. If your child is constantly going on about how all their friends are allowed to stay up late to watch the World Cup in the wee hours of the morning, maybe it is time to change. Discuss things with them openly.

Using Humor
Instead of nagging your teenagers to tidy up their stuff, use humor to communicate your point without making them feel defensive. For instance, say something like: “How is the world record attempt going? You know, for the largest pile of dirty washing?”.

Break Down Defenses
By the time your child is a teenager, he/ she will probably react defensively to almost everything you say. Avoid giving orders. Instead of “You should …”, say “I would really like you to …”.

Share Your Concerns
During adolescence, both boys and girls are concerned with the way their bodies are starting to change, and what is and is not normal. Let them know everyone has the same concern at this time in their lives and share yours when you were their age.

Adapting to Body Clocks
Researchers have shown that teenagers have slightly different body clocks than adults, which means they are programmed to stay up later, sleep longer and wake up later in the morning. Try to go with their natural rhythms as much as possible.

Beware of Internet Use
Beware of how, when and where your children use the Internet. This will help you determine if they are spending more time online than they usually do or if they are surfing the Internet away from home. This may well be typical adolescent behavior but at least you will be alert to the possibilities of danger and risks.

Install Safety Software
Before you allow your children to use the Internet, purchase software that will help keeps them safe. Safety software will provide you peace of mind you can inform your children that any site that is not offensive can be put in their “allowed list”.

Be in the Loop
Remember to tell your children to inform you about their Internet activities. Young people will use chat rooms to reinvent themselves, which is perfectly normal. Use your intuition to find out if your children’s Internet use is healthy. Then use the opportunity to talk to them about related issues.

Place Computer in the Open Area
To help keep your children safe online, place the computer in the living room where everyone can see. Show an interest in what your children are doing on the Internet but do try to keep a balance by respecting their privacy.

Share Experiences
Talk to other parents about the rules they have for their children when it comes to Internet use to double-check your children’s risk. For example, your children may not know how to post a picture of themselves on networking site, but that does not stop their friends posting group photos that include them.

Leave Out Personal Details
Explain to your children that they should not reveal personal information to people they meet online. Stress that although they may think of them as friends, there is a risk that they are not who they say they are. Tell them they should not post photographs of themselves.

Honest to Goodness
Encourage your children to be honest. If they are going off without you, you should know who they are with, where they will be and when to expect them back. They should always contact you if plans change.


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