OCZ launches two 1.8-inch Solid State Drives

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OCZ Technology Group, the high-performance solid-state drives manufacturer, has recently launched its two new and small form factor 1.8-inch Solid-State Drives (SSD) for notebooks, netbooks, nettops and small tablet computers. Both drives deliver reliability and performance for personal, business and educational needs.

OCZ vertex 2 1.8-inch Solid State Drives
~ OCZ vertex 2 1.8-inch Solid State Drives ~

Both drives Vertex 2 and Onyx consume lower power, deliver the same performance compare to traditional 2.5-inch hard drives and they are designed to cater for all ranges of mobile applications.

Vertex 2 SSD is driven with SandForce technology, which helps to transform data storage by use of commodity flash memory in enterprise and client computing applications with its innovative SSD processors. It signifies the SSD reliability, performance and power efficiency.

Vertex 2 SSD capable to write up to 50,000 IOPS (Input/ Output Operations Per Second) in 4KB randomly, while read and write speed can be reached up to 285MB per second and 275MB per second respectively. Vertex 2 SSD are available in 60GB, 120GB and 240GB of storage capacities.

OCZ Onyx 1.8-inch Solid State Drives
~ OCZ Onyx 1.8-inch Solid State Drives ~

Onyx SSD is the affordable drive, which has increased performance and versatility of the SSD storage. It is using an Indilinx controller to boast the speeds up to 145MB per second with a 64MB cache size, while only consume one watt of power even during the intensive computing process.

Onyx SSD is built with SATA 3GB per second, easy integrate into most of the mobile platforms and feature TRIM support for Windows 7 operating systems. Onyx SSD are available in 32GB and 64GB of storage capacities.

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