MSI releases software to unlock CPU codes from Windows

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MSI, one of the Taiwan’s biggest mainboard and graphics card manufacturers, has recently released a new software tool which allows users to unlock the cores on motherboards without enter to the BIOS or ASCII zone. The software also supports all MSI AMD800 mainboards.

MSI software to unlock CPU codes
The software is totally the Windows-based software tool helps to enable inactive processor cores. It will list all the available cores in the system, users can unleash previously disabled cores in the system with a few simple clicks on the form interface then reboot the system.

MSI is the first company without use any “Unlock” chip on their mainboards, which allow users to unlock the core without any software assistance. MSI has also developed a BIOS technology to unlock cores that can also be easy upgraded via new BIOS.

Besides these, MSI is also exclusive overclocking technology called as “OC Genie”. It is possible to overclock the computer system without being a BIOS expert. The powerful mixes of the unlock CPU codes and OC Genie (Only for AMD 8xx series chipset) can also accelerate the 3D performance and value added the C/P (Circuit-to-Pin) ratio by automatically detect the optimal settings and provide the appropriate stability for the computer system.

MSI software to unlock CPU codes benefits
The benefits of Unlock CPU core,
1. Boost the CPU performance up to 104%.
2. CPU performance ration includes a minimum 70%.

The benefits of Unlock CPU core Plus OC Genie
1. Boost the CPU performance up to 148%.
2. 2 Cores to 4 Cores Plus OC Genie can save up to $90.
3. Provide 20 seconds overclocking without complex setting.

Information via msi.


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