Motorola latest FLIPOUT phone with Motoblur

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Motorola, on 2nd June 2010, had introduced its latest Android 2.1 powered FLIPOUT. It is an innovative phone with Motoblur user interface and customizable widgets, which combine various social networking portals with single logging support.

Motorola FLIPOUT phone
~ Motorola FLIPOUT phone ~

Motorola FLIPOUT is compact is size (67 x 67 x 17 mm) and easy to carry in palm, pocket or purse. It has 2.8-inch (320 x 240 pixels) of QVGA touch-screen display and a five-row QWERTY keyboard that can be slide-out on a pivot. Its new data manager can effectively monitor the data usage from the home screen; this is good for the users to know approximately how much they have been charged as per data usage from their service provider.

Motorola FLIPOUT equips with CrystalTalk Plus technology, which adds a second microphone to improve the voice quality while filtering out the background noise for better conversations. Its Kodak Perfect Touch technology helps for better, brighter pictures display and the gallery mode for tagging and labeling photos then instant upload to social networks site such like Facebook, Picasa or Flickr.

With the enhanced features on Motoblur, users can easily choose their favorite social networking to be displayed in the home screen and customize the views of social network feeds while filter out the messages and updates. Motoblur offers the only service that allows users to synchronize their friends’ messages and stream their emails, social networks and happenings with continuous updates and backups.

Motoblur also helps the users to manage their phones’ power consumption from the 1170 mAh battery, so users can have more time to use it on the go. Motoblur comes with a fully integrated GPS tracking system and remote data wipe capability to ensure the confidential data are not being stolen when lost the phone.

Motorola FLIPOUT is estimated to be available in certain regions in Q2 2010.

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    laarni Says:

    how much? i love that phone . i want to buy that kind of phone . :) its so cute .

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