Midnight snacks bad for Teeth

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Midnight snacks bad for Teeth
~ Midnight snacks bad for Teeth ~

A new study to be published in the journal, Eating Behaviors, has found that eating late at night increases the risk of tooth loss years later.

The researches reviewed a Danish study comprising two surveys that took place between 1987 and 1988 where 2,436 participants were asked “Do you get up to eat at night?” with a follow-up survey in 1993 and 1994 that noted each participant’s teeth lost.

The results showed that those who suffer from the night-eating syndrome (NES), a new eating disorder associated with late-night binging because of insomnia and low-to-no hunger in the morning, or those that partake in late-night munching and do not brush afterward is four times more likely to lose their teeth.

Jennifer Lundgren, a psychologist at the University of Missouri in Kansas City, explained to LiveScience, a science news site “We hypothesize that consuming foods in the middle of the night, not brushing or flossing one’s teeth after nocturnal ingestion, and reduced salivary flow during the night increase the risk of tooth loss in this sample”.

The study was controlled for age, education, smoking status, body mass, carbohydrate intake, binge eating behavior and diabetes diagnosis.

If you are a midnight muncher or insomniac who turn to food, you may want to try eating more balanced meals during the day, which starting with breakfast, drink plenty of water, avoid midnight hunger with foods, keep temptations out of your mind, try going to sleep early and find distracting relaxing activities such as bath and reading. The most common tip is to brush your teeth.

Source Credit: theSun newspaper.


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