Microsoft plans to release new Windows version of Kin phones

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Microsoft has recently confirmed that the company is planning to release the new line of Windows phone called as Kin and this will be the first self-branded phone line from Microsoft.

There are two models of Kin phones, which are Kin One and Kin Two and Verizon is expected to carry these two models of Kin phones in this coming May 2010. Both of the Kin phones have capacitive touch-screen, sliding QWERTY keyboards and equipped with extra-bright LED flash cameras.

Kin One Phone
Microsoft Kin phone One
The Kin One phone is also codenamed as Turtle, which is the entry level of Kin phone with 2.6-inch TFT of touch-screen display; a five megapixel of camera with CMOS anti-shake, auto-focus dual LED flash; 256MB of DDR RAM; 4GB of storage; Mono speakers; FM radio; accelerometer; high-speed USB and supports for Bluetooth, GPS and Wi-Fi 802.11b/g connectivity.

Kin Two Phone
Microsoft Kin phone Two
The Kin Two phone is also known as Pure, which has similar features as Kin One phone but it has a larger 3.4-inch of touch-screen display and equipped with an eight megapixel of camera with HDR CMOS from Omnivision with anti-shake, auto-focus, Lumi LED flash and features a high-definition video recording.

Windows powered Kin phones are pre-loaded with social-networking features and come with the Zune music service, it is best phone for the teenagers. Phone contacts can be favorite and the home screen is customizable to show Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Microsoft services.

The Kin Phones are highlighted as,
1. The Spot, allows users to share anything on their phone with their friends by dragging the items to a central “spot” at the bottom of the phone’s screen.
2. The Loop, allows users to get the real-time information from their friends and family through the social-networking services on their home screen.
3. The Camera, allows users to shoot as many photos and videos as they like and quick upload to the web for sharing.
4. The Studio, a web sharing component that allows users to store, organize and even backup their photos, videos, contacts and messages securely from time to time.

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