Microsoft IE9 with GPU accelerated HTML 5 support

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Microsoft has recently released the Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) platform preview for developers. They are intended to let the developers to have a test drive on the new web platform capabilities of IE9 and give the developers a first-look at what they can expect for next version of Microsoft IE9 web browser.

Microsoft IE9
Microsoft is producing the next generation of web technologies. However, this is not the final stage for the IE9 and Microsoft has committed to bi-monthly updates during their further development and improvement based on users’ feedback.

The idea of this latest IE9 is to deliver interoperable HTML 5 and provide a common platform with a consistent programming model across modern browsers. The review platform allows designers to use just one set of markup and JavaScript for both web pages and applications. In the platform preview, it servers as a prototype that only has a very basic user interface for developers and web designers. IE9 can load the webpages faster because of hardware-accelerated graphics support.

The IE9 platform preview includes the hardware-accelerated layout and rendering, a new script engine (known as “Chakra”), which is designed to compile JavaScript in the background on a separate core of CPU and parallel to IE, so it definitely can have better performance in term of speed, load process and enough resource to handle other functions.

The JavaScript compiler will compile JavaScript into a native code as a standard interpreter, as long as a compiled version of the script is ready, the browser will switch to the compiled version and execute them and this can significantly reduce the load process on the CPU and speed up the webpage loading.

IE9 is the first browser to provide hardware-accelerated SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics supports, which is the emerging XML-based vector-graphics format, so designers can easily edit the XML code to add script-able graphical content to the web pages.

IE9 supports for CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) 3 and improved DOM (Document Object Model) program ability. IE9 also has upgraded the web graphics capability that providing support for alpha color, rounded corners, opacity, multiple backgrounds and so on. IE9 performs all the graphics rendering on the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit), provides fast rendering of webpage, smooth animation and high quality of image scaling.

For the video performance, IE9 can play the HTML 5 video with much better performance because it benefits from the IE9’s hardware acceleration for video decoding.

Below is the chart of IE9’s performance compare to other browsers based on the WebKit SunSpider test result. Webkit SunSpider JavaScript Benchmark is a system to benchmark the speed of JavaScript engines.
Webkit SunSpider JavaScript Benchmark Result

Below is the Graphics Frame-rate tested based on the most common web applications such like Google Maps, Bing Maps and some graphic-based websites. The result is beyond the expectation.
Graphics Frame rate Result

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