Litl Flash-based TV media hub with multi-touch supports

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Litl LLC, the litl webbook manufacturer, has given more information about its Linux-based and Flash 10.1 supported TV media hub, at the Flash and the City developer’s conference in New York City.

Litl Flash-based TV media hub 01
The Litl TV media hub will go into production stage in early 2011 and expected to be available in the same year. Some specifications and pictures have been announced for this up-coming TV media hub.

Litl Flash-based TV media hub 01
It will run on the Litl operating system, which is the operating system currently applied on the company’s 12.1-inch Webbook. It will also have a simple x86 processor such like an Intel Atom or chipset included in the hub. The TV media hub is touch-screen enabled and supports multi-touch gestures across the interface surface. It has a slide-out QWERTY keyboard for typing.

Besides these, the TV media hub would have the HDMI and RCA (Radio Corporation of America) output for carry audio and video signals. The RCA allows mono phonographs players to be connected to amplifiers, and it can also be used to stream S/PDIF (Sony/ Philips Digital Interface) formatted digital audio.

It is expected to have Ethernet and Wi-Fi connectivity. Litl plans SDK (Software Development Kit) framework to let the developers build their new applications or refined the existing applications easily. Litl has planned, the company will release new APIs such like video chat, track-pad gestures, accelerometer movement and microphone input in next few months.

The detailed information about this TV media hub still not yet disclosure by the company.


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