Leadtek new WinFast GTX 460 OC Graphics Card

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Leadtek Research Inc., the well known Taiwan-based company that specializes in visual graphics technology, has recently introduced it new overclocked version of WinFast GTX 460 1024Mb graphics card.

Leadtek new WinFast GTX 460 OC Graphics Card
~ Leadtek new WinFast GTX 460 OC Graphics Card ~

This is improved version of graphics card in WinFast GTX series after the company launched its WinFast GTX 460 768MB about one month ago. The latest version of WinFast GTX 460 1024MB overclocked graphics card is based on Nvidia GeForce 104 GPU and 336 cores. It performs a core clock speed up to 735MHz and memory clock (memory bandwidth) reaches the maximum of 1800 (3600) MHz.

According to the source, when the graphics card is overclocked, it can raise 30% 3D performance for specific games. This is suitable for those enthusiasts who are seeking an increase performance when playing resource intensive games from their computers.

It has two 8mm copper heat pipes and a copper base to dissipate heat from the back of the graphics card, which help to lower the temperature and quick cooling for the card. The cooling system is not only designed for cooling effect, but also helps to maintain low noise and gives the users a silence environment when working or gaming in front of their computers.

WinFast GTX 460 1024MB overclocked offers users an incredible DirectX 11 performance and supreme visual graphics display on the screen. The graphics card not only provides a 37.8 billion pixels per second of fill rate, but it also features the high-speed 32-times anti-aliasing, which can produce smooth edges for top-notch visual quality.

Besides these, the WinFast GTX 460 1024MB supports for the latest Microsoft Windows 7, DirectX 11, OpenGL4.0 and Shader Model 5.0. So, it capable to deliver high quality and real-time gaming effects from time to time.

With its HDMI connector, two DVI-I connectors and the 7.1 LPCM (Linear Pulse Code Modulation) audio through PCI-Express 2.0 interface, users can play games with High-Definition audio without the need of SPDIF (Sony/ Philips Digital Interconnect Format) cable.

More features of this graphics card,
1. Full OpenGL 4.0 optimizations and support.
2. Dual-link DVI connectivity for massive load of pixels, such as the 30-inch HD LCD display.
3. High-speed GDDR5 memory on-board with enhanced memory speed and capacity for large scale textures processing.
4. Blazing-fast RAMDACs support dual QXGA display with high, ergonomic refresh rate up to 2048 x 1536 pixels at 85Hz.
5. Nvidia unified architecture delivers up to 2-times gaming performance of prior generation of GPUs.
6. It supports HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection), which allow playback of HD DVD, Blu-ray disc and other protected content.

Information via leadtek.


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