Kno introduces dual-screen digital textbook

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Kno Inc., a consumer electronics veteran and innovative education applications manufacturer, has recently introduced its digital textbook as a new learning platform for college students. It brings content directly to students and helps to change the way students learn while enrich their college experience.

Kno dual-screen digital textbook
~ Kno dual-screen digital textbook ~

Kno is a Linux based dual-screen electronic and touch-screen tablet that provides a wealth educational and course material, note-taking, web access applications and takes education into the digital world with interactive experience of the conventional textbook.

Kno has two connected screen displays via a flexible hinge and each screen display is 14.1-inch (1440 x 900 pixels), which is about twice the size of Apple’s iPad and it is about 5.5 pounds in weight.

Kno is also a dynamic platform developed on an open web technologies that allows publisher communities to provide innovative contents for the device as education purpose. The company also mentioned their beta program come with the top four higher education publishers including Cengage Learning, McGraw-Hill education, Pearson and Wiley.

The tablet is running on a Linux embedded platform and powered by NVIDIA Tegra T20 architecture. It has 16GB of internal storage capacity, which is sufficient for the students to store plenty of e-books, media and information. The battery offered by Kno is last longer for six to eight hours of active campus use.

More about Kno tablet,
1. It supports multiple e-reader formats including the PDF.
2. It can be wirelessly connected via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.
3. Flexible to view the whole page without scrolling frustration.
4. Pictures and charts can be rendered without distortion.
5. It supports video textbooks and web-based learning systems.
6. Third party applications can be extended educational contents for Kno tablet.
7. It is the combination of Textbooks + Applications presented in the digital formats.
8. Applications include collaborative whiteboards, interactive flash cards and writing citation checkers to change the way knowledge is transmitted in the digital formats.

Kno platform provides endless benefits for the students and allow them to share, spread knowledge digitally and it is expected to be available in this coming summer.

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