Kaleidescape Cinema One, the single component movie server

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Kaleidescape Inc., the manufacturer of the movie server products with the concept of delivering a quality motion picture experience throughout the home. The company has just announced their Cinema One, which is the DVD Movie Server designed for young children.

Kaleidescape Cinema One, the single component movie server
~ Kaleidescape Cinema One, the single component movie server ~

The Cinema One is the home entertainment system for families and ideal for the young children because the DVDs offer various range of children content. It is also the DVD movie server that provides the users for instant watching and manage the entire movie collection in a single component movie server system.

The device includes a Child Remote that can automatically switching to a simplified graphic user interface when the Child Remote is used. This allows the young children to find their favorite programs easily and play the movie instantly without trailers, advertisements and sophisticated menu controls.

The key benefits include,
1. The ideal solution for young children and parents have complete control over the available content for their children.
2. Users can simply add another Cinema One or Kaleidescape player to the home network to expand the storage capacity.
3. It can be easily installed by connecting power, the Internet and a Television display and users are really to watch the movies.
4. Instant Viewing for any movies, concert and drama without the need to physically locate the disc, navigate menus and so on.
5. It is included two independent music zones that allow movie to be played in one room while music is turned off in other parts of the home.

It is a single component movie server that capable to store up to 225 DVDs or 2,500 CDs, so users can collect the favorite movies in the system without worry of the storage capacity. The Cinema One is now available in the US and Canada countries for $4,995.

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