iTag innovation mobile Lost and Found application & services

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iTag is a company that provides free service to locate and protect your wireless GPS cell phone. The company has recently unveiled its latest and innovative mobile lost and found application and services for the Android powered handsets at US only this moment. iTag is the second place winner at the Emerging Technology Awards, 2010.

iTag innovation mobile Lost and Found application and services
iTag offers a free service that allows the mobile phone owners to located and protect their lost or stolen phones. The phone owners also can literally view the location of their phone on a map from the iTag’s website. The owners can make their phone ring from even if the phone is set to silent.

Beside these, if someone switches the phone’s SIM card, an alert will immediate send to the owner account at, and the owner can view the new number of the SIM card, which has just been inserted to their lost or stolen phone.

iTag also provides permission based mobile social networking features that enable users to see the location of their friends and family.

Summary of the features available at
1. Back up and restoring the phone’s address book.
2. Remotely lock the keys of the device to stop others to use it.
3. Permanently delete all the confidential data stored in the phone.
4. Check the location of the device on a map from
5. Offering the permission based mobile social networking features.
6. Send message to a friend who closest to the lost phone, allows them to help it up.

Lance Parker, the CEO and founder of iTag said:

“I founded iTag to protect and connect people, ensuring the security of their personal and professional data as well as their valuable mobile devices.”

iTag offers the free social networking premium features and premium lifetime service only for the first 10,000 people who register at

Information via itag.


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