ioSafe SoloPro, the new disaster-proof external hard disk

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ioSafe, the technology company and manufacturer of disaster-proof hardware, is ready to launch their upcoming disaster-proof external hard disk drive SoloPro at 1st September 2010.

ioSafe new Disaster-Proof Hard Disk Drive
~ ioSafe new Disaster-Proof Hard Disk Drive ~

ioSafe SoloPro is an external hard disk that comes with fireproof and waterproof capabilities. It is bundled with USB 3.0 SuperSpeed technology with data transfer rate up to 5GB per second, which is about 20-times faster than standard USB 2.0.

ioSafe SoloPro has eSATA interface for plug and play connectivity, which offers a business-class compatibility for the users to connect the drive to their Windows Server, Linux or even Mac environment. It is convenient for users when backup the data from multiple computers and servers with multiple operating systems.

It is capable to protect data loss from fire up to 1550 Fahrenheit for half a hour and also waterproof up to 10-feet for 72 hours. ioSafe SoloPro has a built-in Kensington security slot and anti-theft tab to prevent opportunist theft. With the FloSafe active airflow cooling technology, ioSafe SoloPro can operate normally with the cooling airflow through the enclosure.

In term of data recovery, ioSafe Data Recovery experts can perform a full recover process for most of the disaster exposed drives. If the data not able to recover in-house, ioSafe Recovery Team at DriveSavers will guide the user through the entire recovery process.

ioSafe SoloPro comes with a three-year limited warranty and one-year/ one time use of Data Recovery Service (DRS) for data and hardware recovery support.

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