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Innergie, the world leading in consumer lifestyle energy products, is bringing a series of mCube products that help users to keep their portable devices charged whenever they need and wherever they are. Combining the functionality with style, each adapter is designed to help people stay connected by providing the power they need with a light weight and easy-carry changer for all the digital devices.

The mCube series of notebook adapters are included mCube90; mCube Lite; mCube Plus and mCube Mini. Additionally, the mMini Ac as the USB changer. Each of the charger delivering the mobility, high performance, reliability and convenience for the users on the go. Innergie always provides an innovative solution to let your electronic devices powered and connected to the world.

Innergie’s mCube90 ($99.99)
Innergie universal adapters mCube90

The world’s smallest universal adapter that is created to revolutionize your mobile life. It is just about 2/3 the size of a business card with its unique detachable Auto/ Air adapter feature. Make your travel light, free and style. It is best for home, office, in-car and in-flight use.

Innergie’s mCube Lite ($79.99)
Innergie universal adapters mCube Lite

A slim laptop power adapter that provides up to 65 watts of output power at 19.5 volts for the laptops and it also supports USB output to power up your portable devices. It can be easily plug into any common AC wall outlet for the charging. It is best for home, office and in-flight use.

Innergie’s mCube Plus ($69.99)
Innergie universal adapters mCube Plus

It is designed to provide more power for the electronic devices. It can supply up to 95 watts of continuous power along with two USB ports. It is best for home, office and in-flight use.

Innergie’s mCube Mini ($69.99)
Innergie universal adapters mCube Mini

It is an evolution from the traditional laptop power adapter. The wire is designed easy-to-carry and maximize portability. It can be powered by any 12 volts and 15 volts cigarette lighter socket in the cars and EmPower Aviation sockets in the airplanes. It allows to charge laptops that requiring up to 65 watts power at 15-21 volts. It is best for in-car and in-flight use.

mMini Ac ($19.99)
Innergie universal adapters mMini Ac

Another charging solution for the portable electronic devices that are USB enabled. It turn the wall power outlet into a USB charging port. It is best for home, office and in-flight use.

Innergie’s universal adapters are easy to use for most of the notebook computers including Dell, Acer, HP, Lenovo, Toshiba, Fujitsu and others. Innergie’s adapters support for most of the mobile phones such like iPhone, blackberry; multimedia players including the iPod and all the USB enabled devices. The adapters are operated in the range of 15-21 volts and portable devices with 5-volt USB output.

The built-in multi-protections ensure Innergie adapters are safe and eliminate the unstable voltage when charging your devices. With RTCA aviation certification, the mCube Mini, Lite are guaranteed safe usage in-flight. Additionally, Innergie’s mCube series was received the prestigious International Forum (IF) Product Design Award and it was also honored at the International Consumer Electronics Shows 2010 as an innovator Design and Engineering Award honoree in the portable power products category.

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