InfiniBoard app enables vertical scrolling on iPhone

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InfiniBoard is an iPhone application that allows users to vertically scroll their iPhone SpringBoard. SpringBoard is the standard application that uses to manage the iPhone Operating System home screen.

Inspired by the vertical scrolling feature that offered by Android handsets, InfiniBoard is an application that integrates with the built-in horizontal scrolling function, so it allows for two-dimensional navigation on the SpringBoard.

InfiniBoard app enables vertical scrolling on iPhone
A simple and easy settings panel for the InfiniBoard is provided and it allows users to turn on/ off for the application; customizable for the scrolling bounce, scrollbar style, top on paging and top on application exit settings.

With InfiniBoard application, users can turn their iPhone to support for vertical scrolling instead of default horizontal scroll on the SpringBoard. Users can add as many app icons as their want on each page and access them by flick up and down, left and right.

However, there are two issues waiting to be fixed. First, though the InfiniBoard application that supports to OverBoard, where OverBoard is an application that allows users to quickly switch between page to page of SpringBoard. The icons are hidden and are expected to show up only after a new update is released for OverBoard. Secondly, the vertical scrolling does not work inside a particular folder if the iPhone has Categories application installed.

InfiniBoard is now available from the BigBoss repository on Cydia for $1.99.


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