Google Nexus One software update available

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Since the release of Google nexus one, there are many hacking on Android to get the multi-touch feature and so on. Now Google finally decided to make these features officially available for all the nexus one users.

Google has announced that nexus one users will begin to receive an over-the-air (OTA) software update on their phones. This update allows nexus one users to have additional new features for their phones as well as some fixes on the problems/ issues that have been prompted previously:

1. Pinch-to-zoom functionality (Multi-touch) – The devices will include a new pinch to zoom mechanism in the phone’s browser, gallery, and maps applications. (New feature)

2. Google Goggles – This mobile application will now available on the device by launching it from the “All Apps” menu. Users can use their Nexus One camera to start searching the web. (New feature).

3. Enhanced 3G connectivity – General fix to help improve 3G connectivity on some Nexus One phones. (Fixes).

4. Google Maps – It has been updated to Google Map version 3.4, which allows users to access to their favorite places from their nexus one phone or computer; makes it easy to search for places their have searched for before; the night mode feature can automatically changes the screen at night for easier viewing and driving. (Enhanced).

To update the software, users will receive a message on their phones’ notification bar. Just download the update and wait for it to install.

Information via googlenexusoneboard.


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