Google has launched Apps Marketplace for third-party apps

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Google has recently launched a new feature called as Google Apps Marketplace, which is a business oriented and cloud based application store for Google users. It is using a set of APIs that allow third-party applications to be integrated their products or services within the Google Apps.

Google Apps Marketplace
Google Apps Marketplace is a new online store that integrated with hundreds to millions of business applications. Users can find, buy and deploy third-party web applications that integrate with Google Apps.

It helps to increase business productivity and well infrastructure for a start-up company to wipe out a huge starting cost for hardware equipments and software applications to be installed locally on their machine.

It is conveniences for users and software providers to do business in the cloud because those installable applications are easy to use and Google users can access to those applications by using their OpenID to sign-on to the account, so users not need to have multiple accounts and form interfaces for different applications they are currently use for their business.

The Google Apps Marketplace is totally an online store for third-party applications, users do not need to have hardware or software installed on their local machines for their business operation. So this also eliminates the frequent software updates; multiple password for different applications; manual synchronization; sharing of data.

Normally these third-party applications will work like native Google applications and once approved by administrator, applications may interact with calendar, email, document or contact data to increase productivity. Administrators can manage their applications from the Google Apps control panel.

More benefit of Google Apps Marketplace to businesses at Google Enterprise Blog.
For developers to integrate their own applications with Google Apps, please visit Google Code Blog.

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