Google Maps extended to have Biking Directions

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Biking directions on Google Maps has been requested by public long time ago. On 10th March 2010, Google has finally added a new biking directions feature to the Google Maps. At this moment, Biking directions is only support and coverage for US country.

Google Maps extended to have Biking Directions
This feature includes as much bike trail information as possible to recommend the most efficient routes for the riders, so it is possible to avoid hills, heavy cars traffic and faster to reach the destination.

With this feature, riders can customize their trip, make use of bike lanes and calculate the rider-friendly route, in order to drive less and spend more time at destination place.

To use the biking directions feature, simply select the “Bicycling” option from the drop-down menu and specific the current and destination addresses then search the directions. The map will show at purple line as the biking route between node A and B by default.

Users can customize the route by drag and change the different route, and the system will calculate the estimated time to travel between node A to B. Beside these, users can follow the turn by turn guides on the left-bottom.

Select “More” and tick the check box to see photos of the landmarks; videos; Wikipedia, webcams; latitude; real estate and so on. By select “More” and tick on the “Bicycling”.
1. Dark green line indicates a dedicated bike-only trail.
2. Light green line indicates a dedicated bike lane with a road.
3. Dashed green line indicates roads that are designed for bicycling but it is not only the dedicated bike lane.

There are more than 150 cities of bicycle related information have been inserted to the Google Maps library and more are on the way. Soon or later the coverage for the biking directions will be expanded widely.

Information via google-latlong.


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