Google new Gesture Search application for Android 2.0 devices

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On 3rd March 2010, Google Inc has introduced the new Gesture Search application for the devices that running Android 2.0 or above in the US. This search application is invented to search the contents faster such like search on suggestions or search by voice.

Google new Gesture Search method on Android Phone
Gesture Search allows users simply drawing or writing alphabet gestures on the touch-screen device to filter the contacts, search an installed application, find bookmark or a music track from a long list of items.

This application is intelligent enough to identify the written gestures. For example, draw a letter “A” and the Gesture Search will return a list of results that have words with “A”, if the “A” was drawn like a letter “H”, the list will also consist of the results that have words with “H” in the string.

To erase the search query, users just need to cross it horizontally from left to right on the touch-screen to erase the entire query; or from right to left removes the last letter or space in the query. Users are allowed to write more letters to narrow down the search results.

The Gesture Search will refer to the search history in order to list the most searched records to be appeared on the top of the list. Gesture Search is workable for Android 2.0 and above devices in the US and is available to download from Google Labs. Currently, It only supports for English letters.

Information via googlemobile.


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