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Google Docs is a free web-based service that allows users to create and edit documents online while collaborating with other users in real-time basic. On 12nd January 2010, Google has announced it will roll out its upgraded Google Docs service over the next few weeks.

This will be a good news for those users who are heavily on using Google Doc as the primary tool for document sharing among their friends, co-workers from different locations.

Google Docs online services
Google Docs was considering on the difficulty when attach large files for emailing, so the upgrade of Google Docs will allow users to upload large amount of files in the cloud. This makes it easy for users to backup the files, documents more frequently, easily and safety without the need to bring the USB drive from time to time.

User can upload any file up to 250MB in size, while they have 1GB of free storage to backup large graphics files, photos, ZIP archives that are not converted into the Google Doc format. Additionally, users can purchase more storage for $0.25 per 1GB per year.

Combined with the “shared folders” feature, users can store, organize and collaborate on files more easily among a group of people. Users can also search for document files, which have been uploaded previously or the documents that have been shared with them, this could make them to get the correct documents more easily in the huge documents list. Beside these, users can also view many common document file types with the Google Docs viewer.

Summary of the features for the upgrade on the services.
1. Upload any file.
2. Share folders.
3. Bulk upload.
4. Snap to grid.
5. ROMAN function.
6. Dictionary translation.
7. Forms improvements.
8. Translate document.
9. Export images into .xls files.
10. Emails as an attachment.
11. Print footnotes as end-notes.
12. Insert images into your drawing.
13. Add tables to Google Docs presentations.
14. Automatically cycle through slides.
15. DOCX import for Word 2007 files (.docx).
16. Allow navigation to a specific page within a form.
17. Mathematical equations and symbols editor.
18. Translate and detect languages in Google spreadsheets.
19. Easily optimize linear equations by specifying a target cell for the result.
20. Drawings improvements – Snap to guides, poly-lines, draw multiple lines.
21. Solve improvements for target cell with include the =sum() and =sumproduct() functions.

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