Good night’s sleep to release stress during the daytime

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Good night's sleep to release stress
~ Good night’s sleep to release stress ~

“Dealing with all mental stress during the daytime is one way to get a good night’s sleep as the body cannot switch itself into a relaxed mode at the push of a button”, says Professional Thomas Pollmaecher of the German Society of Psychiatry, Psychotherapy and Neurological Healing.

Workers should make sure they get enough breaks during the day and prevent their workload from getting too high. A stressful job can mean taking that pressure home with you and sleeping badly at night.

Pollmaecher recommends changing into fresh clothing after work. It can also help if you imagine a situation that marks a change such as closing a file or letting the shutters down.

People who get sufficient exercise in the fresh air are also more likely to sleep well but it is not a good idea to be very physically active late at night as that over activates the cardiovascular system.

Fatty or rich foods can also keep the body busy by being difficult to digest. if you experience difficulty sleeping over an extended period of time you should consult your doctor.

Source Credit: theSun newspaper


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