Genius latest MousePen M508W graphic tablet

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Genius, the company that specializes in wireless technology and innovative design for personal interface products, has recently introduced its latest MousePen M508W, which is a wireless 5 x 8-inch multimedia tablet for designers.

Genius wireless MousePen M508W
~ Genius wireless MousePen M508W ~

Genius MousePen M508W is the upgraded wireless MousePen from its previous EasyPen M406 multimedia tablet. MousePen M508W lets the users to discover how easy to control their personal computer by using this wireless digital pen instead of a mouse.

Its 2.4GHz working area offers the designers to create their designs in the most simpler and natural way. The benefit of the wireless control with its 400 LPI (Lines Per Inch) high-resolution and 1024 level pressure sensitivity pen allow users to work professionally without worry about the distance or the connection problem.

There are plenty of functions available, which allows users to draw a line, write, sign, annotate document, sketch or paint as easy as they are working on a piece of paper. The MousePen M508W simulates the functions like pencil, mark pen, brush and water-color pen by using the software packages such as Adobe Photoshop, Corel Painter and Paint shop.

The pen tablet functions include,
1. Three-button mouse commands. All functions can be controlled by using its pen tip and two buttons.
2. Direct pointing. It allows users to move the cursor to any location on the screen by hovering the digital pen over the tablet’s surface.
3. Pen scrolling. It allows users to scroll documents and web-pages by pressing the middle button of the digital pen over the tablet’s surface.
4. Pressure sensitivity. It allows users to emulate various brushes and pencils by press down the pen tip harder, lighter, stronger or thicker and subtle pencil line.

The key features for the MousePen tablet include,
1. Digital pen with 1024 levels of pressure sensitivity.
2. A wide 5 x 8-inch of switch-able working surface for wide 4:3 screen ratio.
3. Pen Clip for easy storage and a Cordless mouse for the cursor navigation on the screen display.
4. Four express keys allow users to instant access to desktop, flip application, page down and page up.
5. 13 programmable keys (Hot-cells), which can be set at the Tablet Setting under the Control Panel dialog box.
6. The LED light on the wireless tablet indicates for hardware operation and low battery reminder.

Genius MousePen M508W is expected to ship in this coming September 2010 for $199.

Information via geniusnetusa.


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