Gefen releases new Mini DisplayPort adapters

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Gefen, a recognized leader in audio and video connectivity, has recently released a number of Mini Displayport adapters that allow users to connect their new MacBook equipped with Mini Displayport to a flat panel display that using HDMI, DVI or DisplayPort.

Mini DisplayPort (MDP) is a compact version of the DisplayPort, the latest digital display interface. Gefen DisplayPort adapters are invented to provide connectivity from one device to external device/high-definition TV that only have an HDMI input or connect to monitors with the DVI connection.

These newly standardized Mini DisplayPort adapters are also suitable for late-model of MacBooks and iMacs. These adapter include the MDP to HDMI adapter; MDP to DVI adapter and MDP to DP cable.

MDP to HDMI adapter
MDP to HDMI adapter
This adapter allows the connectivity between the widely-available HDMI-compliant display devices and a MacBook pro. It gives the choice of an external HDTV display device as the main workspace or the workspace can be extended to two high definition displays.

The adapter can work in a mirrored mode with a projector using HDMI. There is no extra power needed to deliver the visual display up to 1080p from the computer to the display and enrich your home entertainment experience.

MDP to DVI adapter
MDP to DVI adapter
This adapter allows users to connect between the widely-available DVI display devices with their Mini DisplayPort laptop or workstation. It supports HDMI through a DVI to HDMI cable. It can deliver high resolutions to the high definition TV up to 1920 x 1200 and expanding your workspace with huge display.

It only works with digital signal but not analog, so users can not connect the adapter to a DVI-I accessory for instance.

MDP to DP cable
MDP to DP cable
Mini DisplayPort to DisplayPort cable is the best solution for the new MacBook products with any HDTV display or projector that uses the full-sized DisplayPort connector. The cables support 36-bits of color depth with a 120HZ video refresh rate, so it can produce the best and smooth color rendition, flicker-free video playback. The data transfer rates can support up to 10.2GB per second.

There are three cable lengths offered to extend the connectivity between the two devices, which are six feet (1.8m), ten feet (3m) and 15 feet (4.5m).

Information via gefen.


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