French ISP provider introduces Freebox v6 Revolution modem

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Free, the French ISP provider, has recently introduced its Freebox v6 Revolution modem. This new modem provides a streaming Television service, an Internet connectivity via fiber optic or DSL within a single device.

Free's Freebox v6 Revolution modem
~ Free’s Freebox v6 Revolution modem ~

It comes with the capabilities to handle all the home entertainment needs, which including unlimited free calls to mobile numbers, Internet access directly from Television, gaming and so on.

The modem is powered by Intel’s Atom CE4100 chipset. It has pre-installed web browser and equipped with a Blu-ray drive, a 250GB of hard drive, an internal 802.11n Wi-Fi component, a gyroscope and an accelerometer that will definitely bring a new browsing experience for the users.

The Freebox is DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications) based, so it can connect to the handsets without the need to link them to the Freebox. It supports up to eight wireless handsets to be connected within the home and receive calls at the same time.

The new Freebox are Gigabit Ethernet and it delivers data transfer rates up to 1Gbit per second. It allows users to experience the super fast speed when exchanging data between computers or other devices with local network.

Besides these, a joystick is also included in the package of Freebox Revolution, users can enjoy the games available on the Freestore. The Freebox is now available for pre-order with monthly subscription fee of 29.99 Euros and Free is planned on bringing out a cellular service in year 2012, which offers four services, including fixed, mobile phone lines, Internet and Television services.

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