Franklin launches AnyBook DRP-4000 Reading Device

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Franklin Electronic Publishers, an American consumer electronic manufacturer since 1981, has recently launched its new AnyBook DRP-4000, which is the interactive reading device for children. Franklin AnyBook DRP 4000 offers help for those working parents that do not have the time to read a book to their children.

Franklin new AnyBook DRP 4000
~ Franklin new AnyBook DRP 4000 ~

Parents’ voice are believed to encourage their children to have reading habit from an early age, so Franklin was invented the AnyBook DRP-4000 as a child-friendly reader that enables parents to record their reading and allows their children to playback the recording while reading the same book.

AnyBook DRP-4000 does not use any computerized voice but the real voice that prior recorded by parents to their children. The device is always ready for the children whenever they want it especially when their parents working late or extended working hours during the weekdays.

The recording process is simple, there are four steps,
1. Pick a book and sticker the pages.
2. Activate a sticker.
3. Record the page.
4. Let your children hear your voice as you are reading beside them.

Each AnyBook reader comes with a selection of stickers and each of the sticker has a unique code that allows users to associate different recordings with every page of the book. These stickers use special glue that will not damage the book and the stickers can be removed at anytime. There are plenty of sticker designs to personalize the recordings.

The AnyBook reader can store the recording up to 60 hours based on its two AAA batteries and it is available for $59.99.

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