Exemode latest ScanBit MHS-10 Hand-held Scanner

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Exemode, the manufacture and sale of digital consumer electronics, has launched the company latest portable hand-held scanner. This light weight scanner is about 212 grams, measures 254 x 28 x 30mm.

Exemode ScanBit MHS-10 Hand-held Scanner
~ Exemode ScanBit MHS-10 Hand-held Scanner ~

Exemode’s ScanBit MHS-10 has LCD display for viewing the scanned information and it can be directly connected to the PC for document scanning. It capable to scan document up to 21cm x 127cm in size with maximum 600dpi x 600dpi resolution and save all the scanned documents in the high quality of JPEG file format.

Exemode’s ScanBit MHS-10 can perform 24-bit of data conversion for color scanning and 8-bit for non-color scanning. The scan speed for A4 size paper is about 13 seconds for color scanning, whereas only less than 6 seconds for non-color scanning.

The scanner will auto turn off the power when idle after three minutes and it is powered by two AA Alkaline batteries, which allows users to scan approximately 180 sheets of color documents and 200 sheets of monochrome documents.

The scanner has microSD/ SDHC memory card slot that allows users to insert a memory card with maximum of 32GB storage capacity into the slot and a mini-USB 2.0 interface for easy connect to a PC on the go. The ScanBit MHS-10 is now available for $122.

Information via exemode.


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