Escort new Passport iQ, the 3D GPS navigation system

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Escort, the automotive radar and laser detector manufacturer, has recently introduced Passport iQ, which is the World’s first and the only 3D GPS navigator that integrated with multiple features. It has integrated state-of-the-art radar/ laser detection; speed camera and speed limit information; 3D GPS navigation to guide users on the right route and avoid for unwanted tickets while driving.

Escort Passport iQ, the 3D GPS navigation system
~ Escort Passport iQ, the 3D GPS navigation system ~

Passport iQ comes with a 5-inch, 480 x 272 resolution touch-screen color display and it supports multiple screens track and display up to four different radar signals at the same time. Users allow to choose the information they want to be displayed on the screens and the colors they preferred. Users can also set the alerts and mark the speed camera locations for future reference.

Escort’s new Passport iQ provides voice-guided turn-by-turn navigation, lane assist and visual 3D mapping abilities, which are powered by Navteq. This device operates on all radar bands and its front/ rear sensors support 360 degrees monitoring. The new proprietary threat-signal Ranking (TRS) software automatically sorts, ranks and rejects false alarms from the traffic-flow monitoring.

The device can be connected to the patented defender database, which data is pre-loaded and provides audible and visual alert for speed camera, red-light cameras location for certain areas. It has built-in AutoLearn feature, which automatically learns and rejects false radar sources based on exact location and frequency.

In term of the Map view, Passport iQ shows the vehicle exact position on a map. Touch to zoom in or out for the display, touch three times on the radar/ laser alert area during alert to lock out false signals.

Highlight for Passport iQ’s features and modes,
1. Expert mode allows users to track multiple sources including numeric frequency.
2. Revolutionary AutoSensitivity mode provides real-time radar performance
3. Exclusive SpecDisplay provides actual numeric frequency for any radar signal.
4. Detection sensitivity mode allows users to change setting and turn of the detector.
5. Selectable radar and laser bands allow users to customize which bands are monitored.
6. Detector mode, which is the award-winning all-band protection feature keep users safe on the road.

Passport iQ is now available for $649.95. Escort offers 30 days free trial for the device and 90-day free trial subscription to Escort’s Defender Database.

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