BlackLine Escort Entourage CIS, vehicle security system

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Blackline GPS, a mobile GPS firm specializing in security, monitoring and recovery services, has introduced Escort Entourage CIS device. It is the GPS vehicle security recovery and tracking system that could help to fight against the vehicle theft in major places that covered by GPS and cellular networks.

The Escort Entourage CIS is small in size that measures 4.3 x 2.4 x 0.8-inches in dimension, so it is easy to install in any vehicle and can be hidden out of view. User can track their vehicle’s GPS location through online and receive SMS or email notification to keep the user updated about their vehicle’s status from time to time once the device has been activated.

BlackLine Escort Entourage CIS, vehicle security system
The device is powerful by combining the cellular networks, GPS tracking and motion-sensing technology that allows user to activate from their own keychain.

The MyPass key fob is conveniently automates its security features. When you leave your vehicle, the MyPass will automatically arms your Escort Entourage CIS and disarms it when you return. For example, If your vehicle leaves its GPS security distance without your MyPass present, you will instantly notify through SMS and email. All the notification process are trigger instantly, because every minute is valuable to ensure your missing vehicle being discovered.

User can also instantly triggered BlacklineGPS recovery and monitoring service to track their stolen vehicle and Escort Entourage CIS will notifies user directly with SMS and email. At the same time, the recovery center is contacted and a representative will call the user to verify their vehicle’s status, so the recovery process can begin.

The Escort Entourage CIS is available for $399.95 before installation. An additional MyPass key fob for $59 each. Users need to subscribe to the Entourage CIS subscription plan to open a network account in order to activate the vehicle tracking system.

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    Antione Gunto Says:

    GPS Systems have grown to be more attractive every day – it truly is simply mind-blowing precisely what systems will be able to create these days!

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