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APEN, the company that specializes in digitize handwriting and hand-drawn images products, has recently added the A2 Smart Pen to their Smart Pens series. This new model of Smart Pen works with Mac and Windows PCs.

APEN new A2 Smart Pen
~ APEN new A2 Smart Pen ~

APEN A2 Smart Pen helps users to record everything on the handwritten notes without connecting to a computer. It can import all visual notes into the computer easily and it is revolutionizing the way to write and convert to the soft copy version.

The Smart Pen enables users to take handwritten notes or drawings using regular paper and ink then these notes or drawings can be converted to digital text and save in a JPEG format or share with their friends through social media sites such as Facebook and Flickr.

It can also be used for real-time annotation of documents, adding electronic signatures and sending handwritten emails. Users can write and draw something on images, Microsoft applications, Outlook and share with their friends.

APEN A2 Smart Pen is like a regular pen, it can be used to write, draw and scribble on regular paper or notepad, so users do not need to purchase special paper for the writing and drawing. By clipping the receiver on a paper, A2 Smart Pen automatically digitizes the written notes and record up to 100 pages on the receiver wirelessly.

The Smart Pens have two working modes, which are mobile and online modes. In the mobile mode, the Smart Pens allow capture of digital note while not connected to a computer whereas in the online mode, it allows users upload and save their notes in JPEG file once connect to a PC via the USB cable. It can also display the handwriting on the computer screen in real-time and works as a tablet PC with full functionality in online mode.

It supports Windows Vista/ XP/ 2000; Mac, Smartphones, Blackberry models, Google Android platform, Windows Mobile, iPhone and iPad. APEN A2 Smart Pen is now available with a suggested retail price of $99.99.

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