Aiptek introduces 3D-HD camcorder and portable 3D display

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Aiptek Inc., the innovative electronic products manufacturer that involve in digital video, wireless communication and opto-electronics technologies, has recently introduced its latest 3D HD camcorder (DDD11X) and portable 3d display (APF21X).

iptek new 3D HD camcorder and portable 3d display
~ Aiptek new 3D HD camcorder and portable 3d display ~

Aiptek’s 3D-HD camcorder utilizes dual High-Definition CMOS image sensors and fixed lenses with 4 times digital zoom to enable users to capture 5-megapixel of 3D still images or 720p of High-Definition 3D videos, which can be converted into 3D “Anaglyph” format by using the included software and to be displayed in most of the 3D supported Televisions.

Aiptek’s 3D-HD camcorder can perform 720 pixels of 3D video shooting and capturing photographic in 4:3 aspect. It has a built-in 3D LCD screen for instant playback of the images and videos or it can be connected to computer via USB or display in High-Definition Television via it HDMI interface. Besides 3D capability, the camcorder can also capture still images in standard 2D.

The camcorder supports for one touch recording, take snapshot with one touch of a button and make recording and photos taking more easily from time to time. It is small in size and easy to carry in pocket or briefcase.

Aiptek’s portable 3D display provides the new way for the users to view their photos and videos. It has 8-inch of parallax LCD with 800 x 600 resolution screen to show the photos and videos in a whole new dimension display.

In order to show the 3D content in the portable 3D display, users need to capture the still images and videos by using their 3D camcorder and convert the images and videos into three dimensional masterpieces.

Parallax Barrier Technology
~ Parallax Barrier Technology ~

Users can view the 3D content without the need of the glasses because the portable 3D display utilizes “Parallax Barrier” technology, which allow a liquid crystal display to show a stereoscopic image without wear 3D glasses. It consists of a layer of material with series of precision slits that allows each eye to see a positioned in a well defined spot to get the 3D effect works.

Aiptek’s portable 3D display can handle 3D photographic images up to 16-megapixel in Jpeg format and play 720 pixels of video at 30 frames per second in MPEG H.264 format. Users can store and playback their 3D contents in the internal memory and it can be expanded up to 16GB by using the SDHC (Secure Digital High-Capacity) memory card. Its built-in rechargeable Li-Polymer battery can run for hours without plug the cable into the power source.

Information via Aiptek Camcorder and Digital Photo Frame.


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    Personal 3D video cameras will change the mindset of people about their home 3D experience. 3-D cameras also open a whole world of possibilities for home video enthusiasts, while also eliminating the dependance on 3DTV software.

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    Can I usePortable 3D Display with camers(digital)

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