A conceptual of Google Chrome OS tablet user interface

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For this fast growing tablet market, the Chromium Projects portal, On 25th January 2010, has created some impressive mock-ups and visual explorations of how a Chrome OS tablet user interface might look in hardware.

A conceptual of Google Chrome OS tablet user interface 01
These mock-ups were just the initial concept of the Google Chrome OS tablet will look like and the design, specifications might change until the device hit the market in the future.

A conceptual of Google Chrome OS tablet user interface 02
Based on the mockups, the Chrome OS tablet is touch-screen enabled and it has a virtual keyboard at the bottom of the screen, which can also be opened in the separate window. The keyboard can interact with the screen, in anchored, split, attached to focus. There are icons in the primary control window for quick access to the applications such like Facebook, YouTube, calender, Gmail and so on.

It seems to support for pinch to zoom and scrolling gesture. It allows for zooming user interface for multiple tabs. It contextual actions can be triggered via dwell. It also allows users to create multiple browsers on screen using a launcher.

According to the research, ABI Technology Market Research estimates there are four million tablets will be shipped year 2010 and about 15 million tablets will be shipped by year 2015. So this will be a challenge for Google Chrome OS tablet to be officially released fast, in order to catch up the market trend in this period of time.

A video that shows this concept tablet in action.


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