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  Microsoft latest Windows Home Server V2, codename Vail

Saturday, January 30th, 2010 | In Software & Commerce | Tags: ,

Microsoft latest version of of Windows ~ Windows Home Server (WHS) v2 with codename “Vail” has recently been leaked to the webs. WHS V2 is a home server operating system that designed for homes and home/ small office (SOHO) users.

WHS V2 will come in two editions version, which are Standard and Premium. This software is Currently under the private testing and marked as Windows Sever Vail CTP4 (Community Technology Preview Release 4) and download-able via torrents.

Microsoft latest Windows Home Server V2, codename Vail
Windows Home Server V2 is built on the Windows Server 2008 R2 code base and it will only support 64-bit hardware. As reported, this software will include additional entertainment capabilities that including web-based media functionality and and “add-in” feature with an application store.
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  Apple latest revolutionary iPad tablet device

Thursday, January 28th, 2010 | In Electronic Gadgets | Tags: ,

On 27th January 2010, Apple Inc., had introduced the company first tablet device called as iPad. Apple iPad will be the best way to experience the web, email, photos and video with its half an inch thin device and it is approximate 1.5 pounds.

Apple iPad is thinner and lighter than any laptop and notebook in the market. It features a high-resolution Multi-Touch display as like iPhone. It has included 12 new applications that specially designed for iPad and more than 140,000 supported applications available on the App Store.

There are two models for this iPad device. Wi-Fi model and Wi-Fi + 3G model. iPad Wi-Fi model will be shipped in late March whereas its 3G model will be shipped in April 2010. The prices for the Wi-Fi model are $499 (16GB); $599 (32GB) and $699 (64GB) whereas Wi-Fi plus 3G model are $629 (16GB); $729 (32GB) and $829 (64GB).

iPad Wi-Fi model
Apple iPad tablet device, Wi-Fi model
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  Kingston SSDNow second generation V+ solid-state drive

Wednesday, January 27th, 2010 | In Electronic Gadgets | Tags: ,

Kingston Digital, Inc., the second largest supplier of flash memory, has released its second generation of SSDNow V+ solid-state drive on 25th January 2010. The new SSDNow V+ has added Windows 7 TRIM support, fast boosts capacity, overall improvement for read/write speeds and performances compare to its previous generation.

SSDNow V+ TRIM support helps to maintain optimal performance and the increased speed of the solid-state drive throughout its lifespan. The drive features a sequential 230MB per second of read speed; 180MB per second of write speed. It supports Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology (S.M.A.R.T).

Kingston SSDNow second generation V+ solid-state drive
SSDNow V+ used Multi-Level Cell (MLC) NAND flash memory technology, which using multiple levels per cell to allow more bits to be stored and this is more reliability and could possible to reduce the error rates when writing data to the drive. It consumes 2.6 watts in active mode and 0.15 watts during the idle time.
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  Vivu’s VuRoom, video collaboration plug-in for Skype

Monday, January 25th, 2010 | In Software & Commerce | Tags: ,

Vivu, Inc., a leader in providing live streaming video and conference solutions, has released its new VuRoom plug-in for the Skype on 20th January 2010. VuRoom is a software that built on the Skype platform that allows Skype users to perform instant multi-user video conference among the other Skype users.

VuRoom is designed to help remote business users to collaborate in real-time within a virtual conference room for time and money saving while overcomes the limitation of long distance. It has desktop sharing capability, multimedia presentation and so on.

Vivu's VuRoom, video collaboration plug-in for Skype
Its easy to use interface makes it more user friendly. VuRoom optimal video routing in the cloud computing to ensure the high quality video delivered, enhanced experience in real-time communication and collaboration. Vivu makes real-time communications more efficient, smarter and work better among the business partners from different places and time zone.
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