Wyzo, the Mozilla-based media browser

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Web browsers always playing the important role at surfing. Different web browsers have different features and capability aim to make the web browsing smarter, faster and enjoyable.

Nowadays, it is very common to download, upload, perform heavily search by using web browsers. Many people will perform lots of downloading from Internet such like photos, videos, files, software or even watch video clips directly from their web browsers. If you are looking for a media web browser with more customized tools for downloading; wide range of search tools then Wyzo might be suitable for you.

Wyzo media web browser
Wyzo is a web browser based on Mozilla’s Firefox with some great features for the heavy web surfers.
– FireDownload accelerates regular http downloads up to 10x.
– A Bittorent plug-in called FireTorrent. It places the torrent downloads in the same Window as normal downloads. Users can easy torrent with a single click.
– Multiple and changeable user-friendly skin from Wyzo.
– A new start page, which lets the users to search a large amount of search engines such like Ask.com; YouTorrent.com; YouTube.com; Digg.com; Google Maps and so on.
– A variety of other extensions that enhance the users’ browsing experience, which are including the Cooliris, Ctrl-tab to switch between tags; FireGestures and so on.

Users can register an account at Cooliris to discover, shopping, and favorite slide shows. Click on the blue-green icon from the Wyzo’s top-right corner to open the Cooliris.

Wyzo mission:

Wyzo makes use of the existing pioneering browser technologies to extend the usability of the browser by developing unique and innovative media features that lets users download and manage all forms of media from a single application.

For more information, please visit Wyzo.


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