How can you write a Drawing?

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The proper way of writing can form a picture, an object or drawing. This was the innovative way to write out your drawing for a house, a room or even a object. According to the research, the theory can be “Writing is a form of drawing” and “Drawing is a form of writing”.

Writing is a form of drawing
It happened when we first learn handwriting. The scenario can be a child learning to write ABC for the first time or a westerner learn to write Chinese characters.

Drawing is a form of writing
The convention is simple. Drawing an object and name it on your drawing.

The theory
To write more elaborate drawings, we need more writing parts for the object and be adventurous in how to put these parts together. Just as we are capable of learning ABC and drawing, so we might also capable of creating complex abstract line art to made it as a form of writing.

Below are some drawing photos, those objects have been formed by the words writing of the objects’ name. Click the photo to view the larger one in new browser’s tab.


Meeting Room
Meeting Room


Living Room
Living Room

Study Room / Living Room
Study Room / Living Room


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    Quinton Parziale Says:

    If you are serious about learning the Chinese writing system, this is one of the best books. It’s a tough job and no resource should be overlooked, but this is one which can provide tremendous support.
    Over ten years ago when I began my studies, this book served as my guide in the absence of formal instruction. There are two unique elements to the book. The first is the etymologies, which serve to make the language-learning process more interesting and fun, as well as an extremely useful mnemonic. For those who wish to explore Chinese literature, both ancient and modern, it is invaluable that this book does not pass over radicals and certain basic characters which are not in common use but which are fundamental elements of the language.
    The second wonderful aspect of this book is its explanation, on a stroke by stroke basis, of how to write each character in its complex and original form. Learning to write Chinese is a skill acquired through repetition, and this book provides the background for the necessary rote-work. But if you follow the stroke sequence clearly illustrated in this book, the way to write any Chinese character will eventually come naturally.
    This book was my constant companion during the initial period that I was learning Chinese, and now I have a gift the value of which is truly beyond measure.

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