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Vuzix Corporation, the pioneer in manufacturing video eyewear and personal display devices for the mobile video, entertainment and commercial market. Recently the company has released it latest video eyewear device – Wrap 310, after the initial announcement in 15 th September 2009. Wrap 310 is the world’s first fashionable Sunglass-Style video eyewear with revolutionary “See-Thru” Quantum optics.

Wrap 310 features a maximum screen resolution of 428 x 240 pixels of display and it is styling, performance and versatility with its virtual 55 inch of screen display and the wrap lens are changeable with other alternative colors. It display both 4:3 and 16:9 screen formats to plays 2D and 3D movies and videos.

Wrap 310 video eyewear device from Vuzix 01
It also supports “Vuzix Auto-3D”, automatic 3D detection technology will automatically adjust to the correct 3D video format configuration. It has the video zoom mode and on-screen display for video display adjustment. Users can now watch their favorite movies and videos with virtual 55 inch screen from nine foot visual focus.

Wrap 310 video eyewear device from Vuzix 02
Wrap 310 provides two expansion connectors which are 20-pin Wrap Multi-Connector and Wrap Mini-Port connector. A 20-pin Wrap Multi-Connect port is used for optional adapters offering expanded compatibility whereas the Wrap Mini-Port connector for optional expansion devices to add functionality to the Wrap eyewear such like compass to the Wrap Mini-Port connector to experience virtual or augmented reality.

It is running with two AA alkaline batteries that can be last longer for six hours. The retail price is about $249.95 per unit.

Information via vuzix.


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    sunglasses oakley Says:

    Hi, I applaud your blog for informing people, very interesting article, keep up it coming :)

  2. Comment 2
    clayton schartz Says:

    When you deal with the people at vuzix, they treat you like you are a slave to technology, when it comes to contacting them about repairs (that can happen easily because of their fragile components), you are better of finding a third party as they are only interested in selling whatever surplus supply they have invested. Also their English is sub-standard.

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