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Nowadays, Elearning is one of the most effective and cost saving method to enhance your knowledge, skills and productivity on demand. Elearning is just like an electronic education that includes the delivery of content via network, audio and video recordings, satellite broadcast, interactive TV.

Benefits of Elearning.
1. Saves time without sacrificing quality;
2. Minimizes travel cost;
3. Suited for geographically diverse employees;
4. More consistent course delivery;
5. Offer more individualized instruction. offers a vast stream of online courses for everyone who are interested. April 2009, the Company had launched the Personal Edition (LPE), which offers free web-based training and education to help individuals acquire new skills for the transforming economy at the same time, to improve their hire ability and competitive advantage. personal edition is basically for job seekers or existing employees to “skill up” in a particular job or role. Learners can earn a Skill Score, which indicates some level of competency in that job role. A Skill Score is a personal tracking and development score that determines an individual’s proficiency for skills that are mapped to a job profile.

At, you can create your own “job profile”. As you can choose the career path and will help you to develop the necessary skills and knowledge, so that you are job ready on day one. Each “job profile” will have a maximum “Skill Score” of 1,000 points. Each time you finish all of the courses in a skill, you will see your “Skill Score” increased.

At If you are expert in any subject matter, you are allowed to create and publish a course, lesson or knowledge object to the user generated content library within the site and you will be paid once revenue has been generated by your content.

Anyone can register a free account at Once you have been registered, there are 10 courses available to choose. From the 10 courses there are further broken into sub-courses. I think is the best approach to get yourself equipped with the right skills and you could add these skills to your resume and stand a better opportunity to get your dream job.

For more information, please read their latest press release.


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