Viper SmartStart application system

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Directed Electronics, inc is the consumer-branded vehicle security and remote start systems company that based in North America. On 13th October 2009, the company has introduced its new Viper SmartStart application that allows users to start their car virtually from anywhere with their iPhone or iPod touch mobile devices. It is working over the 3G cellular network or over Wi-Fi for a long distance to start the vehicle.

Users can simply download the free Viper SmartStart app from the Apple App Store, then have the Viper SmartStart professionally installed on their vehicle, followed by activate their account to start experiencing the remote, convenience start for their vehicles. This application allows users remotely control to defrost the windows and pre-warm the cabin, so they can get into a warm car and ready to drive.

Viper SmartStart application system
Viper SmartStart has replaced the normal key-chain remote control to start the car, because it provides the virtually unlimited range to control the car as long as the iPhone and the vehicle have signal within the U.S. country.

Users can simply start their car with the press of a button from their iPhone. Besides start the vehicle, Viper SmartStart also has many other capabilities such like lock and unlock the doors, pop the trunk, find their car in a huge parking lot, trigger the security alarm. Users are allowed to control multiple cars or vehicles from one iPhone.

New application features that will be included are,
1. Adds capability to customize your application with a picture of your own cars.
2. Adds capability to lock the SmartStart app separately to prevent other people start your car remotely.
3. Adds security system triggered messaging, confirmation of message receipt by SmartStart system.

There are two Viper SmartStart models available in the market. Users who do not have remote start can purchase the Viper SmartStart System that priced $499, or users who already have a compatible Viper system can purchase their Viper SmartStart Module that priced at $299.

The first year of service fee is included, after that the annual fee is about $29.99 per year. These service fee is required for the service plan from third party provider to communicate over the network.

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