Valentine Decoration at the curve

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Valentine’s day is coming soon at this Saturday 14th of February 2009. Valentine’s day is celebrated on February 14 every year by many people through the world. According to the article, in the West this day will be the traditional day on which lovers express their love for each other by sending the Valentine’s cards; presenting flowers or offering confectionery, candy and so on.

This will also be the day most closely associalted with the exchange of love notes in the form of “Valentines”. Modern Valentine symbols include the heart shaped stuffs, doves and those figure of the winged cupid. Most of the time, people will prefer to have social gathering or have romantic dine with their lover at some restaurants or even spend time to walk around the street, beach with the loved one under the moon during this memoable Valentine day.

Many shopping complexes and shopping centers are gradually building the unique and beautiful decoration for this coming Velentine’s day.

Valentime decoration at the curve 3
This photo was taken at the center hall of the curve shopping complex. The entrance gate was made with two heart shaped decoration, look like that time we were having a celebration and wedding party there.

Valentime decoration at the curve 1
I was taking photo at the second and third floor for this beautiful scenes. As I can see many people were selling the jewellery and some lighting decotation was displayed in the circle of the Valentine decoration there. A lots of love shaped cards were placed at the twigs of the tree.

Valentime decoration at the curve 4
I was visited to the curve shopping complex last saturday night, even though that time not much people were shopping on the stores that, gradually there will be more people and couples when the Velentine day is getting nearer.

Valentime decoration at the curve 2
As we can see there are a lot of marketers (the photos above) have put a lot of effort to gain more money on this coming Valentine’s day because in some Asian countries, people are spending the most money on Valentine’s gifts such like jewellery, jade, wedding ring and even some heart shaped stuffs.

Here I wish everyone have a great and beautiful Valentine’s day on this coming 14th of February. I also want to say Happy early Velentine’s day to my girl friend and so pity this year I can not celebrate together with her at this coming Velentine’s day because I am working at KL, but thanks to current advanced technology, we can have date on Msn, Instant Messaging System and phone.


3 Comments to “Valentine Decoration at the curve”

  1. Comment 1
    Audrey Says:

    dear, happy valentine day!

  2. Comment 2
    LimCorp Says:

    Happy Valentine Day too. Haha

  3. Comment 3
    valentine Says:

    Wishes for valentines day 2015.

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