8 Unique and Creative Umbrellas

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An umbrella or parasol is a canopy designed to protect against precipitation or sunlight. It is also an item that designed to protect you from the rain. Umbrellas or parasols are almost exclusively hand-held portable devices, however, umbrellas or parasols can be held as fashion accessories for every house-hold, individual use.

Nowadays, umbrellas have their own unique and creative design for certain use in rainy weather and protect you under the sunlight. Below are some creative umbrellas showcases.

Dog umbrella
Dog umbrella 03

Dog umbrella 02
Recently, the United States have a box-office champion of the movie Beverly Hills Chihuahua, it means that people nowadays love their dogs are beyond what we can expect. From this point, the dog umbrella has made the selling market from many countries.

Dog umbrella 01

Dog umbrella 04
Also under the umbrella of the design of the dog chain link wear, so at the same time, you can chain the dog and cover the dog with umbrella. Manufacturers also introduced some colors of the dog umbrella, so that the dog can use the umbrella that have same colors as its owner.

Dog umbrella 05

Dog umbrella 06
Many website in Europe and the United States have selling this product for the small dog walking with an umbrella during the raining day. The umbrella support frame is up, the dog is down with the anti-folded over.

Everyday good weather
Everyday good weather 01
This umbrella is for those who expect everyday is a good weather day. Most of the time, we can not predict the weather and wish everyday has blue sky, white clouds. Thus Japan and India have such a vast starry sky pattern with umbrellas. Even under the raining day, you could rise your head and see the thousands of miles, blue sky, white clouds, so that the rainy season will never influence your good mood and giving you little relieve on the raining day.

Everyday good weather 02

Everyday good weather 03
There are two patterns, first pattern is the backdrop of the street scape appearance from the Sakuragi-cho, Japan. At the top, there is the famous Ferris wheel in Yokohama landmark tower, so when you open your umbrella, you seem walking in Yokohama, Japan.

Second pattern is printed with the Tokyo Tower, rainbow bridge, Odaiba (Rainbow Bridge), the Tokyo high-rise building around the star logo, so that raining does not give you the lonely night feeling.

Healing/ cloud umbrella
Healing/ cloud umbrella
This umbrella was the best selling during the plum season at Japan. The price is 3800 yen, about $40 US Dollar. The interesting of this umbrella is the shape look like the white clouds, and it makes you feel like walk under the white clouds while in the raining day.

LED umbrella
LED umbrella 01
This is the fun and practical product that can be found in major shopping sites in the United States. It is called as “LED umbrella”. Cadres of the branch in the use of an umbrella LED light to replace the traditional aluminum or steel frame. It loads three AAA batteries, used light-emitting.

LED umbrella 02
This LED umbrella not only appearance similar to the “Lightsaber” from the Star Wars movie, but also has a thoughtful practicality. For example, it is usually relatively clear line of sight in the rainy day and when there is not street traffic at night it will be illuminated to an umbrella, both hands on the lamp-like lighting features. Go on the road, this bright umbrella is designed to a very safe on street walk. There are many colors of choice, it is selling at about $25 US Dollar and about 800 Taiwan Dollar.

Rainvisor umbrella
Rainvisor umbrella
When raining day, and you open the car door, the rain is always wetting your seats and door panels of your car. Thus, Korea came up with the concept of a creative and pratical “Rainvisor” umbrella. This is the smart solution to the annoying problem and prevent your car seats and door panel being get wet.

This embedded retractable umbrella cover is widely used in the same telescopic screens, as long as the car door opened, the umbrella will also be opened as well as when the door being closed, the umbrella will also be covered. In this way, the door can take time to switch and no longer have to fear the rain, hurried.

SENZ umbrella
SENZ umbrella 01

SENZ umbrella 02
In year 2007, this umbrella received many awards in the international community. It is able to resist strong wind and it is designed and manufactured by Netherlands with 100km/ hour wind speed test. It is a new design and more sophisticated through the air from the mechanical calculation and it can withstand strong winds.

SENZ umbrella 03
You can automatically pull down a line.

SENZ umbrella 04
It is about 78 cm that selling at price of about $55 US Dollar. In the Netherlands, the introduction of a short period of nine days, and the immediately sell of 10,000 had been sold for this umbrella. It now has become a popular profession red umbrella. Check with the movie below.

100km/ hour wind speed is just the normal weather at Taiwan. During the tropical storm, the maximum wind speed near 62 to 117km/ hour, equivalent to 8-11 grade wind. It is impossible to walk under the tropical storm and there is no umbrella that can bear unless the SENZ umbrella.

Small-fold umbrella
Small-fold umbrella 01

This umbrella is specifically designed for those countries like Taiwan that continuous raining is very particularly high. Many people does not forget to carry their umbrella all the time. So product designer from South Korea apply a function upgrades for the normal umbrella, make turn it to be full-fledged “Mini-fold umbrella”.
Small-fold umbrella 02

Small-fold umbrella 03
This is the very clever design, because the designer has put the two canopy layer, when put away. When the inner layer of the canopy turned-over, it becomes a ready made bag of Nashui.

UFO Cap 01
This umbrella is specifically designed for children. It is the design from the winning entries of Korea. The concept is to combine both the hat and the umbrella to prevent body get wet during the raining day.

UFO Cap 02
UFO cap is like a wearing hat that act as the first trap and then lay down their canopy, the lower edge of the canopy will naturally open arc dropped. It also flexible in the use of physical action, convenient and without the need of carry the umbrella’s stick, because it is for wearing.


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    In your site there is very attractive umbrellas mostly which is use for doggy……One thing is that the Umbrella have their own unique and creative design for certain use in rainy weather and protect you under the sunlight…..

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