The Scratch-n-scroll notable mousepad

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The creativity for the products invention is the endless topic to be discovered. Every day, there are lots of practical and useful products have been introduced to the market for the end users.

This time some creative people have fantastic idea to present their Scratch-n-scroll notable mouse pad product at Quirky.

The Scratch-n-scroll notable mouse pad 1

It is a standard mouse pad combines with magic slate that allows user to write something on its surface.

The Scratch-n-scroll is the some kind of “paperless” revolution idea for users to quickly write down the vital notes or to-do list right away on the pad surface. Once they have completed the tasks, they can simply erase the writing by flipping up the semi-transparent top sheet.

The Scratch-n-scroll notable mouse pad 2

The Scratch-n-scroll notable mouse pad 3

The Scratch-n-scroll mouse pad can be written on by using finger or with the built in plastic stylus that acts as a pen.

Scratch-n-scroll not only helps the users to reduce the use of to-do list paper and stick the paper around the table, but it also let them quickly write down the note easily and reusable from time to time. The price is about $9.49 for a Scratch-n-scroll notable mouse pad.

The Scratch-n-scroll notable mouse pad 4

Scratch-n-scroll maintains its slim and portable design and workable with any optical mouse and ball based computer mouse. Users can simple bring it anywhere from home to office or travel to other places. It features a non-slip back pad ensuring that it stays put on your desktop while in use.

Information via quirky.


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