The Manhattan Fish Market

Monday, February 16th, 2009 | In Foods & Beverages |

Last Thursday, our company was having an annual lunch at The Manhattan fish market. Since January we were planning for the annual meal but due to the workload were too heavy eventually we decided to have our annual lunch at last Thursday at Manhattan fish market located at Ampang Park.

The Manhattan fish market is specializes in American/ Mediterranean western style seafood, they product ranges are from fish & chips to garlic lemon mussels and red hot whole fish.

The Manhattan Fish Market
According to some articles from their website, Manhattan fish market cooking method are varies from deep fry to grilled and baked. Some of its latest popular products were introduced at their menu and they offer premium fish from the pacific ocean and guarantee the fishes are fresh and delicious with their unique cooking recipe. Before went in to the Manhattan fish market restaurant at Ampang Park, this was their plate and logo at the entrance.

Interior design
The unique interior design, seems we were eating beside the beach or on board the ship.

Milk Shakes
I was ordered the milk shakes called as Sweet Alabama Smoothie – Chocolate and Vanilla ice cream with peanut butter. It costs RM9.90. The taste was really sweet and delicious.

Flaming Platter 1
The flaming plate for one person. One large grilled catch of the day with award winning flaming prawns. It costs RM27.90. Before this meal was served and put on my table, the waitress was flaming the prawns infront of us. This really catch our attention on it.

Flaming Platter & Milk Shakes
My dine were milk shakes; flaming plate; ice coke and chocolate ice-cream cake shared with colleague.

Flaming Platter with Fish
Besides that, my colleagues were ordered a large plate of flaming plate for two person. It was included the prawn, tomato, salad, chips, fish and oysters. It costs about RM60+.

In the Manhattan fish market, they main dishes will be the fishes and prawns and chips, it is not only the taste, services and ambience but there is more on captures the customer’s attention like serving in special steel skillets, flaming its prawns in front of customers. From time to time, Manhattan fish market is introduces the new variety of fishes such like Cobbler Fillet, Butter Fish and Barramundi and so on.

ToolsSide orderFlaming Platter 2
Above are more photos about the tools, steel bowls for the side order, and the flaming plate of meal. The foods were really good and variety of choices of fishes and the price are about RM20 ~ RM25 above for the simple meal. If you are not tight on the budget, maybe you can experience the foods on Manhattan fish market.


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