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During my holiday at Kuching, most of my entertainment were watching movie at cinema, television, china phoenix channel and drive around the Kuching City. The most interesting and my favor action/ martial art movie through the year 2008 will be the Ip/ Yip man (2008). This was my expecting movie, acted by Donnie Yen about the legend of the great martial art master after the fearless (2006), acted by Jet Lee.

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This movie was released in Hong Kong on 18, December 2008, and it becoming a box-office hit in Asia alone and receiving widespread to many countries. This movie is a 2008 Hong Kong martial arts story that is based on the life of Yip Man, the martial arts master of Bruce Lee, he is the first to teach the Chinese martial art of Wing Chun openly. Ip Man is the first film to be based on the life of the martial artist and presents most aspect of the Wing Chun martial art in the movie.

Yip man’s two sons and several Wing Chun practitioners also appear in this film, whereas Yip Man’s eldest son (Ip Chun) as a consultant for this film.

Director Wilson Yip on making Ip man:

“We wanted to do this movie because Ip Man was a man who inspired the world and society as a whole. He was a man who believed in certain morals and principles, and we want to use this movie as a platform to convey those values to the audience. For me, that was the most important part of making this movie.”

I was impressed with the Wing Chun style of Kung Fu that played on the movie by Donnie Yen, no matter the speed, the acting and style are unbeatable as Donnie Yen said, it took him nine months before he truly comprehended Wing Chun, and also incorporated some of his ideas. In the movie the quick and successive punches are no special effects but the result of his training.


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