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I watch a lot of Hong Kong drama, movies and knew Hong Kong has many natural attractions such like Hong Kong Ocean Park, Victoria Park, Zoological, Biological Garden, Repulse Bay, Turtle Cove Beach, Golden Beach and so on but I had never been Hong Kong until two weeks ago I visited to both China and Hong Kong, there is really a great and beautiful country. Along the trip with the tour, we were visiting quite a lot of places and realize that Hong Kong night views are spectacular. Although I just had one and half day at Hong Kong, I was visited to the Disneyland and half day city tour.

HK-2009 Firework
2009 – Firework at Hong Kong city.

We were spending the whole day at Disneyland, it is credited as the first theme park of China that open it gate at 12 September, 2005, although it is the Mickey’s smallest theme park and has fewer attractions than other four (1. Disneyland theme park in Anaheim in California, USA; 2. Disneyland Resort Paris theme par in Paris, France; 3. Tokyo Disneyland theme park in Tokyo, Japan; 4.Walt Disney World Resort in Florida, USA), it is different from other Disneyland of the world, for it has natural backdrop of verdant mountains and undulating landscape.

Inside the Disneyland, there are four main areas which are,
1. Main Street USA,
2. Adventureland.
3. Tomorrowland.
4. Fantasyland.

There are three types of 1-Day tickets, Regular Day ticket, Peak Day ticket and Special Day ticket for entering the Hong Kong Disneyland.
HK-Disneyland tickets and price

They also selling annual pass for entering the theme park.
HK-Disneyland Annual pass and price

I had visited most of the places, played most of the game and attended most of the show at the Disneyland and had a great fun there. I was taking about two hundreds photos inside the Disneyland and soon I will publish those beautiful scenery photos at my weblog here.


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