Sony Ericsson MH907 headphone, put your ears in control!

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Recently, Sony Ericsson has announced its new MH907 headphone with SensMe control technology. SensMe works by mapping music to a dual axis map based on the mood and tempo of music tracks. Normally, SensMe control technology is used to detect motion that performed by the user, in order to generate the most appropriate action for music playing.

MH907 is the first motion activated headphones from Sony Ericsson that come with the feature to listen or pause the music by sense the user’s body contact without a single press of a button.

Sony Ericsson MH907 headphone 1
Sony Ericsson MH907 delivers the clear audio, superior stereo sound.

Users can enjoy the music by simply put both ear-buds and pause the music by pull out one earphone while there is a call coming in. To continue listening the music, re-insert both ear-buds.

So, they will never miss their favorite tunes while talking on the phone or connect with stranger in the public places. It build a fun, playful and inclusive interaction with users.

Sony Ericsson MH907 headphone 2
This headphones are come with three colors, which are chrome, yellow and white; 164cm long and 25.32 grams. The price is about $55.

Sony Ericsson MH907 comes with the following features,
1. Acoustic safety
2. Built-in microphone
3. High power handling capacity.
4. Magnetically shielded.
5. Motion activated call handling.
6. Neodymium magnet units.
7. One year limited warranty.
8. Oxygen-free copper cord.
9. Shirt clip.
10. Sound blocking design.
11. Stereo sound.
12. Three size silicon ear buds.
13. Works as FM antenna for phone.

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