Solar charger series for your iPhone and iPod

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Significantly, portable electronic devices are very convenient for those travelers as well as on go persons, but one of the limitation is the battery supply while there is not power outlet for the charging.

There is a solution from Novothink, which began with a clean and simple vision to bring solar technology together with portable electronics devices. Novothink is focused on promoting solar energy awareness while offering the latest solar technology for today’s most in-demand consumer products.

Solar charger series for your iPhone and iPod
Novothink was invented the solar charger for both iPhone and iPod. It is the first solar charger that officially licensed by Apple. This interesting charger integrates a full-fledged solar panel on the back for iPhone and iPod energy recharge via the solar energy that consume under the sunlight. The custom designed solar panel is able to output 55V at 100mAh in the full sunlight.

Surge for iPhone 3G
Solar Charge for iPhone
When your iPhone is not fully charged, Surge device will transfer the charge to your iPhone, while your iPhone is fully charged, the Surge device will transfer the charge to its internal battery. So the internal battery will reserve sufficient power to perform another charges for your iPhone without solar energy provided.

Surge for iPod
Solar Charger for iPod
The time in which the solar charger to fully charge your iPhone or iPod is depend on various measurement of the usage details such like minutes of talking; minutes of video playing; minutes of audio playing; minutes of internet browsing per day. You may calculate your solar energy needed via Novathink’s solar planner.

Alternatively, if there is a cloudy day and no sunlight, users can still charge their iPhone or iPod via a USB cable. Users will be indicated the charging status by the LED light. There are four built-in LEDs that indicate at which stage the charging processed. The built-in LED lights also let users know whether their iPhone or iPod has sufficient light source for solar charging and estimated the power level remains in their charger.

Information via novothink.


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    I wonder what the output is and how long it takes to full charge the iphone.

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