Portable solar tree, the conceptual of power solution

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Solar tree is the better idea for future solar goodness that benefit for everyone that living in this technology age. The portable solar tree is the design concept that act as the traditional solar roof that solid installed at the roof of your house.

The portable solar tree allows users to bring it anywhere they go such like beach, garden, outdoor campaign and so on, this makes the solar energy a lot more profitable and sustainable for use.

Because it is smaller in size, so users can charge their phone, listen to radio or turn on their laptop while enjoy their sunbath on the beach.

Portable solar tree 01
Users can sticks the portable solar tree in the ground and the solar panel is face upward under the sunlight. Then users can start their electronic devices’ charging by plug in the plugs to the built-in sockets.

There are more than one socket slots available for multiple devices such like cell phone, camera, iPod simultaneously.

Portable solar tree 02
Typically the portable solar panel collects the solar energy from the sunlight and converts it to the voltage between 12 and 230 volts of electricity. Additionally, there is a built in battery that use to save the energy for extra use when there is not sunlight.

Portable solar tree 03
As described, portable solar tree is benefit to everyone because you might miss an important call while you are out of the phone battery and you are outside the house. It is the perfect solar tool that able to provide unlimited and clean energy source under the sunlight, generate proper electricity wherever you need. This is why many companies have start inventing their solar technology system for the smart electricity usage.


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    Latest Telecomminication News – Comment on 2009 African Individual … Says:

    […] Portable solar tree, the conceptual of power solution | LimCorp.net […]

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    Ed Graves Radiant Barrier Foil Says:

    This is an awesome product. Thanks for more information on it. I loved learning for about it.

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    Drew Minassian Says:

    When did solar panels start to become popular? Like when did you start to see solar panels on houses and solar garden lights?

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