Pizza Hut’s Golden Fortune

Sunday, January 18th, 2009 | In Foods & Beverages |

Chinese New Year 2009 is coming soon, many shops and restaurants have tried many ideas on their products to attract customers on spending. One of the example is Pizza Hut that offering the Golden Fortune Cheesy Crown pizza, a generous treat for a prosperous new year.

Friday was my colleague birthday, so we decided to have a try for the Golden Fortune pizza, at the pizza hut that near to our office.

Pizza Hut promotion
The promotion of the Golden Fortune pizza outside the Pizza Hut restaurant.

Mushroom Soup
We ordered to large pizza, there were included the 8 pieces of the bread stick, six glasses of soft drinks and four bowl of the mushroom soup as the appetite.

Golden Fortune Pizza
Golden Fortune Pizza is deliciously auspicious with prawns, fish, crabsticks, pineapple and a golden ring of cheesy crowns. If you are the Maybankard or American Express card members, you are enjoy the 30% discount of the Golden Fortune Cheesy Crown a’la carte pizza.

The A’la carta prices are
RM27.90 for the regular pizza.
RM35.80 for the large pizza.

Thai Seafood Pizza
Beside this Golden Fortune, we also ordered the Thai Seafood Pizza.
It has spicy tuna, crabstricks, squid, onions, spicy thai sauce and mixed herbs, garnished with fresh coriander leaves.

The Prices are
RM21.00 for the regular pizza.
RM28.90 for the large pizza.
It was really full, when six of us to finish two large pizza, with bread stick and mushroom soup.

Birthday Cake
Finally, we bought a augur fruit cake to celebrate with our colleague at the office. It was a great day for the great meal in this starting of year 2009.


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