Philips solar-powered LED lighting sheet

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A solar powered reading light from Philips was the recently invented electronic tool that enables people to both read and write in the place that do not have electric power supply.

The light is also called as “MY Reading Light”, which was developed specifically for the education purpose in Africa. Because some of the sectors in Africa are not have electric power supply and estimated 500 million Africans live without electricity, so this electronic tool will be the Sustainable Energy Solution for Africa (SESA).

Philips solar powered LED lighting sheet 1
This lightweight of solar-powered reading light with a built-in rechargeable battery that allows the users using it to read and write in the dark. It also enables school children to do their homework during the night time.

Philips solar powered LED lighting sheet 2
The light is provided by patented LED light sources in conjunction with a special anti scratch coated perspex sheet that placed on the page, so that users can easily read and write compare to the candles light. The advanced 270mAh lithium-polyer battery provides light for 3.5 to 9 hours depending on the brightness (high/ middle/ low dimming lighting setting). The battery can be charged over 500 times.

“My Reading Light” along with a slimmed down low cost version is still on the development phase. There are expected to be available from Autumn 2009. This electronic gadget will definitely address the needs of the Africa country by providing new generation of self powered and solar powered lighting solutions.

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