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IREX technologies is the innovating company in pushing the frontiers of digital reading since year 2001. Last Wednesday, IREX technologies was announced their IREX DR800SG digital e-reader with digital reading, combining technology that provides a traditional reading experience with an open approach to buying and transferring content.

This e-reader is a sleek, 8.1-inch, touch screen device that offers multi-mode 3G of wireless capabilities.

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This digital e-book reader can download files in most formats as you can print it to a printer, you can run it on this device. Its software runs on open source operating system Linux and it has security features such like the ability to remotely erase files on an entire fleet of readers.

IREX DR800SG electronic reader 02
Some of the features that IREX DR800SG offered,
1. The smaller of body with big screen.
Users can boasting an impressive 8.1-inch display. It is loaded with a display that almost twice as large as other electronic reader display. It is best for graphic rich books, newspaper and magazines contents.

2. Natural paper-like experience.
Latest in electronic ink-display technology, the black and white screen is easy to read as you are reading ordinary paper.

3. An entire portable library and information rich.
Store and access thousand of books, newspaper and magazines. Users can access it anywhere at anytime.

4. 3G wireless connectivity.
Search, discover and read periodicals. It enables users to download a book quick and fast within the wireless connected range. Best for the travelers and people on the go.

5. Easy navigation.
Navigation made quick and easy with an interactive touch screen, straightforward buttons and included stylus.

6. Adjustable text size and screen orientation.
Enlarge or reduce text size to for your satisfaction. Select the portrait mode for books; transition to landscape mode for a larger view of newspapers and magazines.

IREX DR800SG electronic reader 03
This digital e-book reader will go on sale in this coming October with a boost from their Best Buy retain partner and Verizon wireless service provider. The price is about $399.99.

Information via irextechnologies.


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